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Welcome back! Here’s to another exciting year ahead in Year 3!

I hope everyone had a lovely summer holidays and it’s great to see you all back ready to enjoy your learning as our new Finches, Wrens and Penguins in Year 3.



Mrs Charlesworth’s Amazing Amazon Talk.

Year 3 were very lucky to have Mrs Charlesworth share her experiences and memories from her trip to the Amazon Rainforest. The children were given an interesting insight into life in the Rainforest. The children were able to offer many well thought suggestions and answers when questioned, by using what they have learnt during their topic.
Amazon Talk 2Amazon Talk

Rainforest Art and Design!

RainsticksRainsticks 2Headbands

Finches have really enjoyed designing and making both rainsticks and rainforest inspired headbands as part of our topic. 

ABC Readers Assembly

Y3 pupils put on their own assembly yesterday to show off their progress in reading. I was so impressed and proud of everyone who took part! Well done!

IMG_0435 IMG_0433 IMG_0434 IMG_0432 IMG_0431 IMG_0430


Year 3 Displays!

Here are just some pictures of the fantastic displays we have currently in Year 3. All of the classes are really enjoying their learning especially the Rainforests topic!

We hope you like our displays! 

English Working Wall Maths Working Wall Rainforests Finches Rainforests Wrens Tribal Art

Wonderful Wrens

We have also been creating psychedelic patterns.

We have voted for our 4 favourite designs and need your help to decide which Wren will become our class logo.

Please tell us which is your favourite. Many thanks.

Voting closes: April 8th

Wren 1

Wren 1

Wren 2

Wren 2

Wren 3

Wren 3

Wren 4

Wren 4

Fabulous Finches!

This week in our topic work the children have been looking at 1960’s bright, colourful psychedelic patterns.

We have had a competition in our classes to design our own 1960’s inspired class bird. We all voted for 3 designs we really liked. 

The 4 designs with the most votes are below.

Now, we need your help to choose a winning design. Please vote with the number of the design you would choose to be Finches winner!

Voting closes: Friday 18th March 2016.

IMG_3517 IMG_3518 IMG_3519 IMG_3520


Thanks for all your lovely cards!


Thomas loved visiting you all today and we really enjoyed reading your cards. He’ll come back and visit again soon!

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