Audience – Who and where are you?

Welcome to the Year 4 Blog. This is the first class blog for the next year going live at Moorlands Primary School in Reading (UK). If you are reading this blog post from outside of the school community, please spare just 1 minute and leave the class a quick comment telling them who and where you are. By doing this, you will show them that they actually have an audience outside of their class walls. Because of this, the pupils will try even harder to produce work that is even better. The pupils will be using this blog over the summer break so do make sure you pop back too!

Thank you!


Fun swimming session on Wednesday 13th July

All pupils in year 4 will be having a fun swimming session to celebrate everyone’s achievements this year.

Well done to everyone for developing your confidence and skills in the water!

Lots of learning at the Ashmolean Museum today

IMG_4347 IMG_4348 IMG_4350 IMG_4352 IMG_4353 IMG_4354 IMG_4355 IMG_4356

Celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday

Year 4 enjoyed a fun afternoon celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday. We made cakes, crowns and bunting. We also joined a live feed from Windsor Castle where we learned all about the Queen and children from a number of schools were having a tea party. A wonderful afternoon! Thank you year 4!

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IMG_4246 IMG_4247

Having fun with digestion!

A super afternoon learning about digestion. Here’s the link in case you would like to watch the video again.[0]=type%3Acollection&f[1]=type%3Acommunity_resource&f[2]=type%3Aelibrary_resource&f[3]=type%3Alist&f[4]=field_age_range%3A97&f[5]=field_age_range%3A96&f[6]=field_age_range%3A75


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Digestion Game

Hi Year 4

As promised, here’s the link to the digestion game. Have fun!

How to train your dragon explanation paragraphs

In year four we have been writing paragraphs to explain how to train our dragons. We are going to send them to Professor Kent at the Natural History Museum. Here’s Lina’s and Tyler’s paragraphs which I hope you agree are excellent!Tyler Dragon paragraph Lina Dragon paragraph

Teeth and digestion

Year 4 have been learning about teeth. On Tuesday they watched a news report on how tooth decay in children is increasing. After watching the report we discussed why this could be.

They had some interesting ideas! “Lots of different food contain sugar even if they don’t need it.” “Sometimes there is more sugar in things than you think!”

After a good discussion and a mission set by a local dentist (who will be visiting later in the term) they devised an experiment to test how different drinks affect their teeth.

We will keep you posted with the results over the next few weeks! They are not going to be pretty!

Art quest fun!

This year 4 and 5  have taken part in a special project run by ‘Children in the arts’ an organisation which encourages art in schools.

We had a great day creating our own village and listening to some wonderful story telling. Stay tuned for part two of the arts quest coming after half term.

Bailey and Brooke have been helping each other with their subtraction


Multiplication with potatoes?

Year 4 have been multiplying with potatoes again – crazy kids!



Dear St. Nicholas,

I have recently noticed that phones have a positive impact on communication skills and contacting people who are quite a long distance away, therefore I am writing to your good self to politely persuade you to ask your lovely elves to craft an IPhone six gold and give it to me as a Christmas present.

Firstly, there is an annoying problem that buying me an IPhone would easily solve. The problem is that my communication skills are by far the worst you shall ever witness. To prove that an IPhone six gold would solve this matter, I have a fact that was found on the most reliable website in the u.k. Did you know that 75% of the people in the u.k have bought Phones specifically for this exact reason? Consequently, it leads to communication being very easy. Now do you see that the only solution for bad communication is a Phone? You do want my communication skills to improve, don’t you?

Secondly, when I am at the globe, which is my after school club, I have no proof of good behaviour to my parents and then end up having a quarrel over if I am lying or not. Also, did you know that over one million people have the same issue that I am currently explaining to you. They too solved it by getting an IPhone as it made them able to make contact with anybody they know any time they want. So, that is another one of the many reasons why the clear solution is to get me an IPhone. You do see doing this is the only solution, don’t you?

To conclude I have bad communication skills and I cannot show proof of good behaviour to my parents. I know a handsome and intelligent man like yourself will come to fully understand why I went through all of this to write this letter to you. Think carefully about your answer because if you do than I know that you will do it wisely.



Yours sincerely, Jamie Dennis Braham

News of the day!


Check out the videos of our news reports about endangered animals. 100_3215

Appearance of a elephant By Liam

Adult Elephants are the largest living creatures ever on land. An adult male can weigh as much as 60 people. African elephants are much smaller and tend to live in thick, leafy rainforests. Many Asian elephants don’t have tusks and they don’t have as long ears as African elephants. This species have long, strong noses that can bend which they are called trunks. Interestingly they have big ears so they can flap fly’s out of there face. Also to use it as a fan when they are extremely hot or cold. The vast majority of elephant’s are grey. They also have leathery skin to protect them from the extreme hot sun.




offspring by Malaya

This specie of crocodile go to fresh water and lay there eggs in July or August .The crocodiles lay up to 90 eggs and take up to 80 days to hatch. female eat the offspring egg to make its self  fell fit .crocodiles carry there baby in there jaws . many of  them are 8-10 year old

offspring for a salt water crocodiles by Kelisha

Amazingly this species mate in July and August and they head off to freshwater to do it.Many of the female crocodile are between eight and ten years old.Interestingly they lay up to ninety eggs which take eighty days to hatch as they need time to grow.Female crocodiles  lay they eggs by fresh water.Did you know that a snake can eat a fully grown crocodile.A female crocodile carry’s the baby crocodile into the water gently as they have powerful.

Offspring for saltwater crocodiles by Martyn

All Crocodiles mate in july  and august  and they lay there eggs in freshwater. The eggs hatch in 80 days also they lay 90 eggs at a time. Only female crocodiles lay eggs. they know how sharp there teeth are so they carey them jently. Little  girl crocodiles age is 8 to 10 years old. Did you know that  they know if is a boy or girl dipending on the heat.


offspring for a salt water crocodile by Brooke

Intriguingly salt water crocodiles need  to go to fresh water  to mate  but they can only mate in July and August.Female crocodile are between  8-10 to lay eggs .Amazingly these creatures  90 eggs at a time in their clutch.It takes 80 days to incubation .Surprisingly the females eat the left over egg shell to get  nutrition .These reptiles use there jaw to carry their babies  to the salt water .Interestingly the mother  lays her in fresh water.


All of this species eat a variety of prey and you will find they will quite happily kill a human for their lunch! It is very common for  them to eat animals such as small mammals,fish and domestic animals so lock up your doors if you have any in your current possession! If you do not than you will suffer from their death! They are known to leave their food under logs to prevent them from starving in the future. Saltwater Crocodiles sometimes eat stones and pebbles to grind food in their throat,to prevent them from choking and to help them digest.

A Salt water crocodiles habitat by Hannah

Surprisingly the salt water crocodile goes to freshwater to mate and lay eggs. Intriguingly salt water crocodiles make their habitat in hot places like Australia, Asia and the Pacific Islands. Amazingly salt water crocodiles go to different waters for example: brackish water, lakes and swamps.

My holiday by Nikita

On 24th of July I went to my friend, Natalie for a sleepover and the next day we went swimming in a paddling pool. Then I went home to pack up my clothes,toys,shampoo and sun cream for my trip to Poland it only takes two days to get there by car but it seems like forever! I wish we could travel by plane but we always travel by car to Poland. It took two hours to get to the ferry then two hours to France then we stopped there to give the car petrol and for us to eat and drink, then five hours to get to Germany then when we arrived at my auntie’s in Germany we stayed there for a night had food I played with the two dogs, Nelly and Blacky. Then we packed up and drove to Poland in seven hours. Also each year when we go to Poland we have a different car! When we arrived at my nanna’s I walked to the shops by myself because the shop was just across the road. I met my very old friend from two years ago I forgot about her but she remembered me. I forgot her name but she remembered mine. I played in the sand pit outside the flat for a couple of days and went with my mum to the hairdresser and got my hair cut and straightened out. And me and my mum and her friend went to the beach and I swam in the deep lake that was up to my head I also sun-tanned. I went to see a lot of my mum’s friends and played with their daughters and sons. I did that for two weeks and then I drove to the ferry again and there was a lot of thunder and lightning and rain there was so much rain that you barely could see anything  and my mum was scared. Then when me and my mum went to the toilets on the ferry the water was flooded it was almost as high as my knees plus me and my mum were wearing sandals! Then we arrived at England and drove home.

After school by sese

After school me and Angel went to buy our jumpers and cardigans and we went to see Angel’s performance and they played musical statue’s then musical bumps then we went to the toilet then walked home and then we played in the trampoline. Finally we had to go inside our home.

My day today ( 2015 July 21st ) By Nikita

Today was very interesting because we did a word search as usual and today we were in year 3 this time and we had a thing called a talent show and most people performed but I didn’t want to, so I did jobs witch was a lot if fun! I went up, down, across, left, right, sort and say, it was fun! Today i kept asking Miss Lettington if there are some more jobs and she kept saying no. Then I went to the classroom and looked at Miss Lettington and she said no because I bet she knew that i was going to ask about jobs. Then when people performed their performence’s it was home time and my gran dad was not late this time and so I went home and wrote this blog. Goodbye By Nikita

What i did in school today (2015 July 20th by) Nikita

Today when i went to class i got out my reading record and pencil case. Then Miss Lettington explained what we need to do and we needed to do a complicated word search i couldn’t find any words though. Whilst that was going on Miss Lettington  was doing the register. Then when that was done everybody lined up for assembly after assembly we finished our presentations about different things like me and Nadia did tigers Cyrus and Jaden did cars Layla C and TJ did how to train your dragon Layla C is crazy when it comes to how to train your dragon she plays the game with TJ at break time and lunch time sometimes on the adventure area, has and brings how to train your dragon toys, stickers and lots of other things. Then it was break time i brought some tuck shop sweets and i gave Nadia one bar because she’s my best friend. After break we performed our presentations that we made and mine and Nadia’s tigers one was very good by the looks of it and Nadia showed off her tiger she made from clay and painted and to make it feel realistic she added glue every where to the tiger and it felt like the real thing. I showed off my tiger that i drawn and cut out. When Matilda read her’s out about the Titanic it made me even more scared all ready then it was because i was scared that my cruise would sink with me in it and when i heard that the Titanic sank and killed 700 people! I was even more scared then ever and also i’m going on a cruise this month!Then it was lunch time i was out for a bit until i found out Nadia’s tooth was wobbly and bled and that she couldn’t pull it out! Then i went to put my jumper in my draw and Miss Lettington asked if we anted to help her with some jobs and i said yes and zoomed off to ask Nadia if she wanted to do that too! And she said yes then we helped Miss Lettington. Then lunch time was over and i wanted to help more but it was time we cleaned out our draws and took all of our stuff from year 3 and 4 ready for year 5. Then it was home time and my grand dad was late as usial and i helped Tyrese with more jobs but i only managed one because then my grand dad came and took me home then i writ this blog. Goodbye! By Nikita

maisy year 4 kingfisher

Im am a horse rider and my nan horses names are





And a new horse is on the way. I like all of them and gimo and echo are special to my nan and buster

Katie  and the new horse are very special.

what I am doing on my birthday by maisy

On the 6th of august my friend KAYLIEGH and AVA are come round and going to theharsrest and having a sleepover and in the morning [7th of august]I  going to drop KAYLIEGH and AVA of and AVA going to pack and Me and my family are going to pack also  and AVA,S family is going to set of and we are going to set of to CAMP and the place is just like haven is got a place full of game to play and water slides and swimming pool and cool thing to do and we are stay there of Friday ,  satday and sunday and coming home Monday and that are trip with are family can not wait to the summer holiday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


.       / by maisy 3 day of school


Diary of Dennis the menace by sese

I liked Dennis the menace when he said how to be a menace. His archest enemy is Walter and he is the leader of softy gang. Dennis made 10 steps for how to be a menace.

Ella & Kaya by Nikita

Once upon a time there was two little girls called Ella and Kaya they were going to a cafe. Kaya ordered some ice cream and some hot chocolate with marsh mellows and some nuggets Ella got the same. “we will be closing shortly!” Shouted a waiter her name was Natalie she was very kind. But Ella and Kaya didn’t have a home only each other. They hid and Layla the boss of the cafe closed the door and went off. Kaya & Ella found two comfy bed’s that they use for emergency’s so they went in & slept.

Suddenly Nadia  the evil snow queen came and took them she crept  them into the prison to make them prisoners and she had loads of evil plans to trap the prince. The next day, the prince was watching the news that Ella & Kaya were tied up on the rope in prison. The prince ran to the prison but it was blocked by monsters, he cut the the heads off the monsters and carried on. Then he finally saw the girls he cut the ropes off and saved the girls. “hahaha!” “You really think i would just give up like this well, you were wrong!” She shouted and blasted ice from her hand and the prince missed it and caught it and through it back and she got frozen forever! The girls thanked the prince and Kaya married the prince and Ella and Kaya lived happily in the castle for the rest of their lives.

Summer Reading Challenge

booksThis summer I’m challenging you to write a post about your favourite book you’ve read over the holidays. You could include a photo of you reading the book and a short summary of what it’s about. Would you recommend it to others in our class?


football by sese

The modern global game of Football was first codified in 1863 in London. The impetus for this was to unify English public school and university football games.
There is evidence for refereed, team football games being played in English schools since at least 1581.
The modern passing game is believed to have been innovated in London and England is home to the oldest football clubs in the world (dating from at least 1857), the world’s oldest competition (the FA Cup founded in 1871) and the first ever association Football League (1888).

Tyrese and Jenaiya

The year4’s are nearly year5 and we’re all probably exited but sad because leaving year4 is the hardest thing to do because we feel like this is where we’ve been for our whole life:(. Even though we are sad, our teachers for our next year are fantastic and are really smart and funny. Me and Tyrese want to say a huge thanks to our teachers for being so amazing including our supply teachers and we’re sure the whole of year4 want to thank them too.:)